Marissa Casals-репетитор языков по Скайпу

Предмет: English, Dutch

 Marissa Casals is a lifelong learner and teacher of languages. A native of Sorsogon, Philippines, she grew up speaking Bicol, Filipino, and English. At the University of the Philippines, she became passionate about the language of music. After earning her Bachelor’s of Music in 1990, she studied traditional Indonesian music for two years in Surakarta, Indonesia. She learned to speak Bahasa Indonesian.

Marissa returned to the Philippines in 1996. During her graduate studies, Marissa taught music and ethnomusicology as a Senior Lecturer and Research Associate at the University of the Philippines. All the while she herself was teaching and learning music, Marissa’s interest in teaching English as a foreign language began, as she tutored her fellow music scholars from all parts of the world in the English language. She moved to the Netherlands in 2001, and studied the Dutch language for two years. Marissa holds a TEFL-TESOL teacher certification from the International TEFL and TESOL Training program in New York City, USA.

Now based in Hengelo, Netherlands, Marissa teaches children and young people from three years and older, through grammar school-, high school- and university-level students. Her adult students learn business English, travel and conversational English, and prepare for IELTS and TOEFL courses. Marissa helps her students prepare their language ability for emigration to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Because her students are so diverse in age and needs, her approach is very student-centered and hands-on with the language. She believes that it is important that each student be comfortable in the lesson, and feels at ease talking about any subject. Therefore, her role as a teacher is to assist the students as they develop an understanding of the language, and to help foster their desire to learn English to a fluent level. She conceptualizes her own modules of curricula, depending on the learning capacity and needs of the student; and she does not depend on one textbook. Whether music or the English language, Marissa believes that learning, at its best, provides an opportunity for growth for students and teachers, and can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Marissa loves traveling. She likes to meet new people and learn about different countries and cultures.