Advantages of learning Russian as a foreign language online


  • Do you like Russian culture and dream to learn Russian language?
  • Have you already started to learn Russian language and you want to improve your level?
  • Are you going to visit or to move to Russia?
  • Do you want your child to know Russian language?
  • Do you want to educate your child in Russia and need preparation for education according to the Russian program?

If you gave at least one positive answer to these questions, the school of distance education «A-Distanceschool» will help you — thus, you will not even need to leave your room! The modern level of Internet technologies development erases borders between the countries and offers the ample educational opportunities.

The obvious advantages of learning Russian as a foreign language online:

  • Freedom of choice of teacher and courses

In the case of standard individual learning, the choice of teachers is limited by those, who live in a certain city. And in the case of distance education, even thousands of kilometers are no bother at all — it is enough only to have Skype and good Internet connection.

  • Time and cost saving

Learning remotely, you do not need to spend time and money on transportation, making copies and buying tutorial materials — the teacher sends all the necessary tasks to your e-mail.

The advantages of learning with «»:

  • our teachers are highly experienced in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language, they possess the most effective Russian as a foreign language online-teaching techniques, and the impressive base of their own practices, allowing to improve the efficiency of educational process significantly;
  • the basis of our educational system is the principle of individual approach in teaching. As a result, our students get well-structured knowledge and know how to apply them on practice successfully;
  • we follow the principle of individual approach to each student, by means of it the educational material is presented in the form that makes its learning as easy as possible;
  • it is known that the most important component of successful education is the students’ motivation. Our teachers’ lessons are given in interesting, dynamic form, presupposing student’s active participation in the educational process. This guarantees the better learning and student’s constant interest to the subject;
  • and, certainly, each of our teachers is the true expert, so we can guarantee pleasant educational process and profound knowledge of our students.